Community Cats


What are community cats?

Community cats are those cats that are “unclaimed”. Often times they are fed by the surrounding residents of the area they habitat. Some of these cats may have been lost or even abandoned. Feral cats are also considered to be community cats. They are disconnected and may not be fit to become someone’s pet.


Greenville County Animal Care has an entire program dedicated to community cats called the Community Cat Diversion Program. They offer free spay/neuter to any “free-roaming” cat. There are certain guidelines regarding the qualifications of this program. To learn more about their program, click HERE.



Alley Cat Allies is a resource for people who want to make a change for cats in their local community. They advocate fair treatment for cats both in shelters and in communities. They want every cat to feel valued and receive the treatment they need. On their website, they offer a full page with linked information and articles on “Community Cat Care”. Here, you will find tips on TNR (trap-neuter-return), providing shelter, and so much more. To learn more about Alley Cat Allies and their specific information on community cats, click HERE.