Saved by the Heart Soiree – Don’t Gamble with Lives 2016

What a blast everyone had at the Soiree this past Friday night! Honestly, I’m still recovering from all of the fun & animal saving we did – whew! I just can’t believe the turnout we had! I really want to thank all of the volunteers who slayed over the event preparation with me. We all worked tirelessly on preparing the Silent Auction gifts to actually setting up the venue – for two days I might add! Without their help, this event would have been nearly impossible. Also, a huge thanks to all of our Sponsors & Donors for the Soiree! They literally made this event possible – so thank you! Don’t even get me started on the music…it was amazing! We had two great bands & a DJ that brought the house down! I’m sure the entire city of Greer could hear us partying from across the railroad tracks. Everyone danced the night away & it helped that the drinks were flowing all night long as well 😉12798833_1682809091996398_6563753076539639453_n


The total amount of money we raised that night was $6,793.00! What we plan to do with the money is put it towards special needs & rescued animals that need some good ole fashioned lovin & care. We are also planning to use the money for any of our animals that need medical attention. We have plenty of animals up for adoption or foster, if you’re interested. To learn more about how you can further help these animals, shoot an email to Again, we want to extend the greatest thanks to everyone involved. This was all for the animals!

See ALL the pictures HERE!


On March 3rd, 2017 we will be having a  Stayin’ Alive – That 70s Party!

Be sure to wear your best platform shoes & flare pants to boogie in. If you’re not atleast 7 ft. tall, the platforms aren’t tall enough 🙂 Can ya dig it?


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