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Donations always needed:
Bleach and laundry detergent for cleaning beds
Cat Litter*** (lots)
Dry and Canned Dog and cat food or
Walmart gift cards for food and litter
Paper Towels (for messes we don’t want to use our cloth towels on :/ )
Durable dog toys
Old towels for easy-to-clean crate liners
Staples Gift Cards for office supplies (like paper or printer ink for fundraiser flyers)
Flea and heartworm preventative (Frontline, Heartgard etc) keeping our guys on this has lowers our vet bills.)DONATIONS picpic

We also need some new Large and Extra Large dog kennels (Metal and Plastic) and a super tall cat tree play tower. We know those are a big expense so gift cards to Petsmart or can be used towards these.

Ordering on Amazon allows you donation to be shipped to us directly.

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